again, the indomitable monster

by ann

One summer semester in college, in an attempt to save money, I purchased parking next to the soccer stadium at a fraction of the cost for garage parking. I applauded my frugal and mature self.. until classes began. I came to find that the lot, perched on a hill, was only accessible by foot and the rare bus. So I would scamper down the slope in the mornings, a lengthy but manageable task. But each afternoon was hellish. With no breeze for relief, Texas heat brutalizes your senses. Sweat beads on your forehead, slicks your  hands. Every inhale is stagnant and heated; every step, heavier than the last. Each afternoon trek was further confirmation that I despised this dreadful season.

This year weeks of grey skies softened these scorching memories but Texas has finally climaxed to official summer weather. I ventured out to the grocery store past noon today and met the indomitable monster again in all its fiery glory. I am campaigning for reverse days from early June to mid August in which we all sleep from the hours of noon to seven and work in the night.

After scampering back to the cool sanctuary of my home, I made biscotti and knitted. (More on the biscotti once I’ve smoothed out the kinks.) Giant knitting sparked my intrigue with this picture.  Yes, I have the spirit of a 60-year-old woman. Yes, there is a scraggly ball of dark blue yarn tucked away somewhere proclaiming my failures at crocheting. But I was a woman possessed.

With inspiration from a chunky knit tutorial and a few videos on technique, I began a pattern.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am now on my second batch of three balls of yarn. According to the math, I will need seventy balls of yarn. Seventy. I’m guessing slash hoping that I won’t need all seventy balls since my needles and yarn are larger than the one specified by the pattern. Still, I plan on taking full advantage of Michael’s 40% off coupons.

This will be an abomination to handle by the fifth time I do the pattern but I am smitten with my blanket already. A downy thing made of an acrylic/wool blend, it isn’t the least bit rough and the trio of super bulky yarn has added a welcome heft.


I will update you on it’s development. Until then I would recommend you employ a reverse day. And eat Snyder’s of Hanover honey mustard and onion pretzel bites! As a testimonial to the habit-forming snack, my mother stashed them in a yogurt container to prevent us from devouring the delicious nuggets; however, I am quite resourceful when a craving strikes.