netted in fluorescent green

by ann

Mat announced that we would be crabbing this weekend. I had never crabbed before so he regaled me with stories of his youth and his father who could catch sixty crabs with one piece of bait. Crabbing- Galveston (3 of 23)

So with friends Ben and Yuxuan in tow we set off to Bolivar Peninsula on Sunday.  Crabbing- Galveston (5 of 23)Crabbing- Galveston (18 of 23)

At eight high tide had left the pier bordered by water-bogged sand ; we continued down the craggy concrete path to pursue the elusive slack tide. Crabbing- Galveston (9 of 23)

Though heaving a pallet of water bottles, sure-footed Ben pioneered ahead to find us a spot. When Ben waved his approval, we set down our bags to prepare the traps: chicken drumsticks knotted at the base with fishing twine. Crabbing- Galveston (11 of 23)

The bait was tossed in and the wait began.Crabbing- Galveston (12 of 23)

I fidgeted impatiently, straining my eyes to see the pale pink flesh in the murky waters. Eons passed before I spotted it: a sudden movement in the water. I held my breath until I felt a quick yank of my string. Mat, brandishing a monstrous steel rod netted in fluorescent green, darted over at my cry of excitement. We talked in low voices as if the volume would vibrate through the waters and alert the crab to his impending doom. As I gently pulled the string closer to Mat’s submerged net, I prayed the tugging mimed the currents’ movement. And then, with a quick whoosh, we had ensnared our first crab!

It was an exhilarating moment but the crab was a mere thing.. Mat persuaded me to toss it back into the water so, with a sigh of disappointment, back it went.

Our next attempts were more successful.Crabbing- Galveston (16 of 23)

Since our arrival, we heard a booming noise in the distance; within an hour the sound deepened and increased in frequency. Sprinkling began. Fearful of the rocks becoming too slick, we hurriedly gathered our things and trekked back.

We tallied eight crabs-and five hermit crabs. Our cooler may not have been brimming with full-bodied crabs but it was fun and worth repeating. In a week perhaps?

In other news, congratulations to Mat who has joined me in the 24-30 age bracket. Happy birthday, love.