in exchange

by ann

Sarah has a home! The process has been an excruciating saga but she has secured one at last: a roomy, three floored townhouse shuttered in pale pink. The place is lovely and I know this because, relieved of work duties, I was quickly recruited for move-in day with bribes of coffee and food.

Reader, I feared that day. Sarah is a stealthy bargain shopper, a true fashionista, and a handy craftswoman- a fearsome combination for packing. But she has been slowly streamlining her closet; the move took only three trips in the spacious Armada, one with a small U-Haul van in tow. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Always one to keep her promises, Sarah plied me with food throughout the day: Chik-Fil-A in the morning; a towering burger with bacon, an over easy egg and avocado aioli for lunch; OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
and, for dinner, an unwieldy cream sauce pizza topped with thick strips of grilled chicken, a blanket of mozzarella, provolone and romano cheese, marinara sauce and finished with a sprinkling of basil. The chicken was so-so but the tip of each slice was titillating, capturing the perfect blend of cheese, marinara and shreds of basil.

An unequal exchange on Sarah’s part- all this food for so little work!- but I dutifully tucked away two slices and,come bedtime, I slept as if I had eaten for three.