abstinence and surrender

by ann

I have consumed an unconscionable amount of Chinese food.

Today was my last day of work and I will miss my boss who napped on a lawn chair with a cap tipped over his eyes and the driver who often complimented my slender wrists but mostly I will miss the kitchen staff, the cast of five men that prepared my meals.

After abstaining from the restaurant’s more sinful fare, I surrendered to my desires in my last days: egg rolls crisp from the fryer, steaming bowls of beef fried rice.. And the condiments! Truly they are the core of Chinese take-out: a vivid vermilion sweet and sour sauce for crab puffs, a union of peanut sauce and hot sauce for my spring rolls, syrupy sesame sauce coating lightly fried chicken bites, and pungently addictive fish sauce for everything else. My stomach reveled. These dishes are not refined but oh are they gratifying.

There’s also something to be said about being addressed as bonita and serenaded with deep-throated ballads about mi corazón.