as of late

by ann


Today was a quiet exit from my career as a wedding florist. After a quick setup, my coworker Ebony and I returned the delivery car to boss lady Laura who has been restlessly padding about her home accompanied by a Little One underneath her stretched shirt.

After returning my work apron, a pair of slightly rusted shears and my key to the shop, I am now just a waitress. And after this Wednesday I will just be a first year dental student awaiting orientation. I am horrible at goodbyes. I aimed for nonchalance to prevent bawling but I did manage to eke out a hug for Laura and Ebony. I’m more sentimental about this then I probably should be.

In the meantime:

After calling banks to discuss private loans for school [sigh], I will be diving into this for the rest of the day. I’ve heard great things about it and will hopefully learn some helpful tidbits.

And this is an amazing compilation. I’m already anticipating the next issue.

Mat showed me this the other day and I couldn’t stop laughing. 2:05 is my favorite moment; it reminds me of Dave Chappelle.

Steph has a recipe for one of Mat’s favorite foods. I’ll have to try my hand at this soon to reward him for keeping me entertained with videos.

Heidi has amazing taste. I’m anxiously waiting the restocking of these tumblers.

I have fallen in love with home improvement. If I had the car space to move this to Philadelphia, I would make it right now.

I haven’t thought much about babies but here’s an announcement so precious it may have jumpstarted my biological clock.

Lastly: Here is my current laptop background. I love mantras.