molten gray skies

by ann

photo 3

Is it aging that causes talk of the weather to become more commonplace? I could go on for hours about it. Houston has been blanketed with molten gray skies harboring mercurial rain that lashes out in fury and vanishes with the same haste in which it arrived. Though the vegetable garden has been greedily drinking it in, I don’t feel the same warm affection as I am sans umbrella and the post-pour mosquitoes have taken a liking to my legs.

During a brief respite from the summer showers, Melissa and I braved the long line at Breakfast Klub for wings and waffles. We both arrived not hungry but whiffs of grease and syrup prodded our appetites from their slumber.

photo 1Doused in hot sauce and leisurely dipped in hot maple syrup, the wings and waffles were a perfect accompaniment to talk about wedding fever, online dating and humorously inappropriate mentor conduct.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the rest of the weekend busy. Being preoccupied with parties, snuggles with Chibi and a bawdy book has been fantastic. I’m putting aside my lofty ambitions to plow through Restorative Dental Materials before school for more of the aforementioned activities.