state of dining

by ann

This morning I dragged myself from the warm cottony womb of my bed to work out. Thirty minutes later, I pulled out a breakfast cookie from the refrigerator. I adore Gina and her sweat-inducing workouts but this cookie was a sham. I know that it was inaptly named a cookie so I would associate it with one but my mind was still lingering on the chocolate chip cookie from Tiny Boxwood’s that I ate last Sunday. A buttery pillow of a cookie that yielded perfectly melted chips. So pardon that these breakfast cookies were not embraced with open arms.

What I’ve decided upon since my encounter with the faux cookie is to no longer feign enthusiasm for foods that I do not love. This includes: kale, goji berries and vegan cheeses. And now breakfast cookies.

My stomach is my ruler and holds no regard for the flitting whimsy of food trends. On a slight tangent, dining has become a pretentious affair these days. I am immensely tired of gastro-elitism. Food is no longer a source of delight for our taste buds but yet another way to assert status. It’s a poor turn of events. Perhaps when I’m well-to-do I will feel otherwise.

Until then, tonight’s dinner was:
-pulled pork enchiladas with queso fresco, salsa verde, and my newfound love Choula
-black beans and rice

Many mark a true Texan by his or her ability to wear cowboy boots with any outfit and breadth of Tex-Mex experience. Since my love for this particular culinary fusion resides at Taco Bell, I have never counted myself a true Texan and cannot confirm that the above were made with authenticity. However, Mat and I both found the rice to be flavorful, hearty and complementary to the so-so enchiladas.

So to be made at your own risk:

black beans and rice

I chopped a green pepper and sautéed it with ground thyme, sea salt, garlic powder and onion powder until tender. Tossing in a can of black beans, cup of canned diced tomatoes in juice, and a generous dollop of salsa verde, I let the mixture simmer for a few minutes. Then I added two cups of white rice, one and a half cups water, and a tablespoon of beef bouillon to the mix. Served with a lime wedge squeeze.