edible opinions

by ann

Can I put something out there?

I’m not a food expert.

There was a short stint as a baker and an even shorter stint as a barista, but I have no formal training and done limited research in the food industry. My knowledge stems from puttering about in my kitchen and whatever catches my fancy (currently cold-brew coffee methods and making ice cream). Reading food memoirs has only confirmed how much I’m lacking: I’ve only visited three countries outside of the United States- Australia, Thailand, and Taiwan, I can’t detect the notes underlying wine, and I’m currently eating a mass-produced frozen cream puff. So, when I write to you, stating this or that, they are the words of a humble lay(wo)man.

Now let’s talk food.


Mat and I had these spicy clear noodles at FuFu Cafe the other day. The dish looks plain, verging on homely. Yet the spicy tang of the sauce and fresh cilantro made this dish our favorite of the night.

As my moving date- August 17 (!)- nears, I’m mentally compiling a list of foods I must eat before I leave. In Chinatown, they currently include: San Dong’s chive and clear noodle buns and Peking duck from Peking Cuisine Restaurant.

And the growing list of things I must find when I move: fan tuan, stinky tofu, and Ladurée macarons.