backwards glance

by ann

Currently, my wisdom is limited to my college years. So to start I’ll share my pearls on being a pre-health student. We’ll play a game called, “I wish I…”

I wish I..

1. I wish I…Stayed a biology major- There’s a reason a high percentage of pre-health students are science majors: because the path works. If nothing can sway you from being in the health professions, stay in sciences. If you must stray, engineering is the next best thing.

2. I wish I…Had been another major- I was in business- but taken more advanced science classes and do well- You can be that black sheep in liberal arts or business  but to prove yourself worthy you need to take more than the prerequisites for pre-health. It’s a more strenuous load-combine the time-suck of group projects with the hours dedicated to labs- but worth it if you 1) want to keep your options open 2) have a desire to become a doctor and, say, manage your clinic’s finances.

3. I wish I…Picked a more useful major (i.e., one that will get you a job)- I’ll admit it now. Management is fluffy. As one professor said, it’s only useful when paired with a niche. If dental school had not worked though, I would have applied to graduate school for healthcare management. Accountants make me cry a little inside but at least they are stable! After nearly two years of odd jobs, I’ve come to appreciate the stability of a good, old-fashioned job.